Lake City Feed & Seed Inc. - We carry one of the largest and complete line of feeds
We carry a very complete line of Kalmbach Feeds.

 - 20% Chicken Layer Crumbles     
 - 17%  Chicken Layer Pellets                 
 - 22% Chicken Starter Crumble     
 - 20% Chicken Grower Crumble    
 - 20% Chicken Grower Pellets       
 -16% Chicken Grower Crumble     

For Kalmbachs Complete line of Poultry products click the link below.

Tribute Equine

   Low Starch and Sugar
 -Kalm 'N EZ' Textured
 -Kalm 'N EZ' Pelleted

   Mature Horses
 - Maturity GC Textured
 - Maturity Textured
 -Maturity Pelleted

   Mares and Foals
 -Growth Textured

   Sweet Feed
 - Sweet Country 12 Textured

   Ration Balancers
 - Essential K

 -K Finish
-Kalm Ultra

   Special Supplements
 -Cool Calories 100
-Cool Omega 40+
-Tribute Advance Paste
-Trib's Treats  -Apple

For Kalmbachs Complete line of Equine products click the link below.

visit for a complete line of products available, we can have any of these products in store in a week or two
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