Lake City Feed & Seed Inc. - We carry one of the largest and complete line of feeds
Large Variety of Food Plot Seed
We Carry a large Variety of Food Plot Seed.

All of the Following are Available by the LB.                                                                                                          $/lb 
 -Buckbuster Rape Seed           $
 -Dwarf Essex Rape Seed         $1.25 
- Buckbuster Rape Seed 25lb $31.25
 -Purple Top Turnip Seed        $2.99 
- Mango(sugar beet)                 $23.49
 -Forage Kale Seed                    $2.99
 - Red Clover Seed                     $4.00
 -Ladino Clover Seed                $4.19
 -White Dutch Clover Seed      $4.19
 -Alsike Clover Seed                 $2.99 
 -Crimson Clover Seed             $2.59 
 -Six Point Chicory Seed          $7.99 
 -Oil Radish Seed                      $2.99 
 -Field Trapper/Forage Peas  $0.99 
 -Austrian Winter Peas            $1.25  
 -Buckwheat Seed                    $1.25  
 -Soybeans Seed                       $0.75  
 -forage collards                       $2.29  
 -Field Rye Seed                       $0.50
-Winter  Rye Seed 50#           $9.99
 -Buck Forage Oats Seed         $0.99
- Buck Forage Oat Seed   45lbs $33.99
 -Alfalfa Seed ___________$4.99
--Winter Wheat    50lbs             $9.99
-Barley 48lbs                              $17.99
 -Corn Seed
--Forage Radish                         $2.99

--Grass Seeds-
Sunny mix
Shady mix or Sunny and Shade mix

All seed prices are subject to change without notice due to changing market pricing.
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